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Your eyes are a lot more complex than they look. Your retinas, blood vessels, and optic nerves must remain healthy and structurally sound if you hope to see your world clearly and accurately. That’s why it makes good sense to schedule regular retinal exams at Ella Eyes. Our Houston, TX, optometry clinic offers advanced eye exams that include state-of-the-art retinal imaging technologies that allow us to catch and address any problems that might threaten your vision.

Why Retinal Exams Are So Important.The retina is a collection of light-sensitive cells lining the interior surface of the eyeball. When refracted light reaches the retina, the retina sends that visual data to the optic nerve, which in turn relays it to the vision center of the brain for processing and interpretation.
Any damage or disease to the retinal tissues can cause serious, and in some cases irreversible, vision problems. In macular degeneration, for example, the part of the retina tasked with central vision slowly deteriorates, robbing you of the ability to see objects centered in front of you. Overgrowth of abnormal blood vessels, as seen in diabetic retinopathy, can leak blood into the eye, obscuring vision. Even common, usually minor issues such as flashers and floaters can serve as a warning that you’re at risk for retinal detachment. If the retina detaches from the eyeball without receiving immediate treatment, you can suffer permanent vision loss. A lot of retinal damage can occur before you even know that you have a problem.
Optomap: The Modern Alternative to Pupil Dilation.Our advanced eye exams at Ella Eyes include not just a detailed evaluation of the corneas, lenses, and optic nerves, but also a careful examination of the widest possible area of retinal tissues. In the past, optometry centers had to dilate patients’ pupils to get a good view of the retinas and optic nerves. Today, however, our clinic offers hassle-free Optomap retinal imaging. This technique takes mere seconds to take a full-color image of 200 degrees of the eye’s interior, letting us check your retina, optic nerve, and blood vessels thoroughly. We can then review these images with you and save them for future reference.
Schedule Advanced Eye Exams at Ella Eyes.If you want to protect your eyesight, start by letting Ella Eyes protect your retinas. Call Our Houston, TX, optometrist at (713) 722-9066 to schedule advanced eye exams for your whole family!