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As the name implies, dry eye is an extremely uncomfortable condition in which your eye or eyes aren’t properly lubricated. At Ella Eyes in Houston, Texas, Dr. Diana Ngo has extensive experience helping her patients in the Houston area find a solution for this nagging problem before it causes significant damage. If you suspect you may have dry eyes, don’t wait to get diagnosed and treated: Call or fill out the online form to schedule a visit today.

Dry Eyes Q&A:

What are dry eyes?The health of your eyes relies on proper lubrication and protection at all times, which comes from your tears. Your tears have three components:
WaterOilMucusIn combination, these three ingredients nourish your eyes, protect them from foreign matter, and help you see more clearly.
With dry eyes, your eyes aren’t getting the lubrication and protection they need because of either a malfunction in your tear production or an environmental factor that’s drying them out.
What causes dry eyes?There are several reasons why you may experience dry eyes, including:
Tear productionGlands in your eyelids produce tears, and tear production naturally declines with age. Also, if you spend a lot of time in an environment that’s windy or arid, your tears may evaporate too quickly.
Tear qualitySince your tears are made up of three components, a deficit in any one area can cause dry eyes. Typically, the deficit is water, but you can also have clogged oil glands.
The most common causes of the two problems above are most often tied back to:● Age, especially over 65Gender: women are more likely to develop dry eyes because of hormone changesMedications● Pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, or Any inflammatory health conditions● LASIK surgeryEnvironment
How can dry eyes be treated?It’s vital that you get help from Dr. Ngo for your dry eyes because the condition can cause irreparable damage to your eyes without treatment. It can also make using contact lenses and glasses very uncomfortable.
After a thorough examination and review of your symptoms, Dr. Ngo may:Prescribe eye drops that add tearsBlock the drainage ducts to keep the tears in your eyes longerOpen up your oil glands● Suggest a few lifestyle changes and supplementsIn fact, to successfully combat dry eyes, Dr. Ngo may suggest a combination of the treatments listed above to help your eyes remain nourished and protected.
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