New patients keep our business growing, so we are always proud to offer high-quality optometry services to our patients. We understand that your first visit to the eye doctor can feel overwhelming and we try to accommodate all new patients with a comfortable and organized facility.
Our staff has taken the steps to prepare you for the first appointment by providing a full spectrum of the services we offer and the option to complete our new patient form prior to your visit. Our goal is to cover everything you need with a full and efficient assessment, but without waiting to see the doctor.
If you have any questions about coming to our office, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (713) 722-9066.

New patient form.

In order to ensure that your first visit goes smoothly, you may want to complete our patient form prior to your visit.

Insurances accepted.

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Vision insurance:

  • Aetna

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  • Eyemed

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  • Metlife Vision

  • MESVision

  • NVA

  • Spectera

  • VSP

  • Versant Health

  • VBA

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  • United Healthcare

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  • Cigna

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