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Here at Ella Eyes, Dr. Ngo and the rest of our Houston, TX team want to be your family's one stop shop for all your primary optometry needs. Our wide range of eye care services includes: 

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Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams allow us to detect eye and vision problems even before you might notice any signs of symptoms. We also perform vision testing to see whether you need a new or updated prescription for corrective eyewear.

Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens exams are a necessary preliminary step for fitting your contacts. We don't just take measurements of your eye structures, we also consider your medical condition, type of eye prescription, and other factors to help us recommend exactly the right kind of lenses.


You'll love our tremendous selection of glasses, from our designer frames to our lens material, coating and tinting options.


Our prescription sunglasses combine razor-sharp vision and stunning style with important glare-filtering and UV-blocking properties.


Contacts can correct refractive errors just as effectively as glasses. We're your source for daily disposable, extended-wear, or "permanent" contacts.

Hard-to-Fit Contacts

A tricky prescription or underlying eye problem can make standard contacts impractical. Fortunately, we can provide many kinds of hard-to-fit contacts, from toric and scleral lenses to multifocals.

Dry Eye Care

Dry eye can cause eye redness, irritation, blurred vision, and corneal complications. Our Houston optometrist can diagnose the cause of your dry eye and then prescribe the right treatment option to minimize it.

Computer Vision Treatment

Do you suffer from digital eye strain and fatigue? Our computer vision treatment can help you protect your eyes and restore your comfort.

Allergy Care

Allergies can cause conjunctivitis (pinkeye) and other annoying eye issues. We can provide medication, lifestyle recommendations, and other remedies for this problem.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma can destroy your eyesight, but early treatment can keep glaucoma at bay. We can administer medications that normalize eye pressure and protect your optic nerves.

LASIK Co-Management

Are you interested in LASIK surgery? We can provide your pre-operative and post-operative supportive care.

Eye Infection Treatment

Our clinic can treat viral, bacterial, and fungal eye infections and their symptoms.

Vision Therapy

Do you have an eye function problem? We can prescribe vision therapy techniques to get it under control.

Sports Vision

Does your sport require superior vision? Come to us for sports vision testing and training.

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